Giulio Marelli

History and Tradition

The company was established in 1964 and it grounded its roots in the little handicraft business of the 1920s created by Giulio Marelli, company that in the course of time specialized in the production of wooden frames for armchairs and sofas. The most important turning point was in the mid-1960s when thanks to the experience achieved in the previous years, the company Giulio Marelli concentrated itself on the production of upholstered sofas and armchairs, and participated in the first fairs in this field. A new collection for the contract market and for a more and more internationalized market was introduced at the end of the 1990s, which led the company to export most of its production to the most important international markets.

Giulio Marelli is based in the North of Italy, in Meda (near Milan, province Monza e Brianza). In Via Indipendenza 159 are situated the showroom, covering more than 1000 m² of exhibition space, and the offices, and in Via Edison 18 there are the operating headquarters in a modern building of more than 7000 m². The showroom has been recently renovated in the internal part. The models exhibited here find the right place in a modern and charming location.


Family business: from the beginning the company is a family business and this ensures an extreme attention to the needs of the market and of the clients.

Quality, innovation, punctuality and customer service: these are the distinctive elements which characterize the service of Giulio Marelli. We are always in contact with the customers to offer them not only a quality product but above all a high level

Flexibility and customized service: satisfying the wishes and demands of all the customers, even of the most exigent ones, is our priority.

Custom service: before and after sale: the main feature of the company is to follow the order in all its phases, from the order preparation until the after-sale service.


The birch road

Before we start our story, we would like to tell you of our journeys to Scandinavia. It is the end of the Sixties, and Luigi Crassevig has gone through the extraordinary birch road leading to Scandinavia several times, always seeking new sensations and solutions to combine the classic styles of the past with modern and refined innovations, centred in home furnishing and creative use of wood. And on this road we defined our own style, in a harmonious union between what we used to be and what we wanted to become.


From 1969 to the present day, and over three generations, creative, imaginative spirit mixed with self belief produced the high quality tradition of Italian craftsmanship that has marked Crassevig’s name, with tables and chairs appreciated throughout the world and distinguished by their tight, functional form. The company good reputation is due to its unmatched skill and meticulousness in wood bending and to the cooperation with the world’s most prominent designers in order to give life to products designed for both commercial and domestic settings. If working with wood means taming nature and wedding it to human inclinations and habits, Crassevig has been acting in this direction for more than forty years.

The story we are creating

The founder, Alfieri Crassevig, made a name for himself through his mastery of wood steam bending techniques. His son Luigi met and attracted the world’s foremost designers, and his chairs and tables feature an indubitable minimalist elegance. Today Francesco, Luigi’s son, leads the family business with the same intensity and taste for beauty and functionality, spreading Crassevig’s brand even into the world’s most prestigious buildings and venues.

The shapes we believe

Crafting wood, feeling its potential and transforming this into seats that seem to be created expressly for our bodies, has always oriented Crassevig towards an extremely functional approach to design– simple and essential shapes, characterized by a minimal style, that attract the eye through their very modesty. The great designers who played a major role in our story are the protagonists of this influential and incessant process of aesthetic minimalisation, as they made our creations ever more recognizable and absolute in form.

Less is more

From the earliest days Crassevig tables and chairs have followed the philosophy of “Less is more”, the ultimate aesthetic mark of elegance. Because real elegance lies in essentiality.

Making the best of ourselves

All our creations reveal a great eye for detail, because the details testify to the rigour of the productive process, the respect for the needs of an ever more demanding clientele, and the business ethic of those who claim to make the best of themselves. It is detail that makes “Made in Italy” an intrinsic value, and it is in the attention to the details, even in the most complex part of the design process, and in the combination of components and materials that lies Crassevig’s success.

Symbols and meanings

Every symbol has a visible component, the signifier, and an invisible part, the signified or meaning. Focusing on chairs and tables, Crassevig has created signifiers – the shapes – with such an absolute and minimalist style that they merge with the meanings, – functions and needs – evident both in public spaces, from airports to university lecture rooms, and in private settings. Versatile symbols, authoritative symbols, necessary symbols.